u12 league

Division 1 Division 2
Tullamore Blue Tullamore White
K/K Shinrone
Kinnitty Naomh Brid
Drumcullen St. Sinchills
Birr Lusmagh
St. Rynaghs Blue  
St. Cillians  


Div. A Fixtures     Division B Fixtures    
3rd June     3rd June    
K/K v St. Rynaghs Lusmagh v Shinrone
St. Cillians v Drumcullen St. Sinchills v Naomh Brid
Tullamore Blues v Birr Tullamore Whites v  Bye
 17th June      17th June    
 Kinnitty  v  St. Cillians  Tullamore Whites  v  St. Sinchills
 K/K  v  Tullamore Blues  Naomh Brid  Lusmagh
 Drumcullen  v  Birr  Shinrone    bye
 01st July      01st July    
 Tullamore Blues  v  St. Rynaghs  Naomh Brid  v  Shinrone
 Birr  v  Kinnitty  Tullamore White  v  Lusmagh
 Drumcullen  v  K/K  St. Sinchills    Bye
 15th July      15th July    
 Birr  v  St. Cillians  Lusmagh  v  St. Sinchills
 St. Rynaghs  v  Drumcullen  Shinrone  v  Tullamore Whites
 Kinnitty  v  K/K  Naomh Brid  v  Bye
 29th July      29th July    
 Drumcullen v  Tullamore Blues  Tullamore Whites  v  Naomh Brid
 St. Cillians  v  K/K  St. Sinchills  v  Shinrone
 St. Rynaghs  v  Kinnitty  Lusmagh    Bye
 12th August      12th August    
 K/K  v  Birr  Tullamore Whites  v  Shinrone
 Tullamore Blues  v  Kinnitty  Naomh Brid  v  St. Sinchills
 St. Rynaghs  St. Cillians  Lusmagh    Bye
 26th August      26th August    
 Kinnitty  Drumcullen  Lusmagh  v  Naomh Brid
 Birr  v  St. Rynaghs  St. Sinchills  v  Tullamore Whites
 St. Cillians  v  Tullamore Blues  Shinrone    bye


                                                                                          2nd September on or before

                                                                                          Lusmagh v Shinrone

Please note Round 8 has just one fixture.   All the teams will have played 6 games up to this point so this allows for both teams to get the same number of games.Round 8 can be played at any time during the summer that is suitable to both clubs but must be played on or before 2nd Sept.

Blitz 5th September

*    Games to be played on date fixed. If a game is not played it must be played before the next fixture in the league.  If the game is not played the team(s)who postpooned on the first occasion loses the points

*    Results of  games to be text to Lizzie Flynn 087-6436579 or to Brendan Hanamy 087-2746260.  Host club are responsible.

*   All games are 20 minutes per half

*   The first 5 minutes of each half shall be ground hurling only

*   No solo allowed ( 1 tap permitted)

*   No deliberate kicking off the ball, however, to kick the ball out of a "ruck" shall be permitted

*   For sideline cuts the nearest person to the ball when it crosses the line on the team who is awarded the cut must take the sideline cut

*  For 45′ the ball shall be placed on 65m line (Pitch 20m to 20m)