Updated at the 2016 AGM.

Bye-Laws passed at Offaly Convention 1992 That the County Board Officers have sole charge of electing County trainer and selectors subject to ratification by the County Board.
By-Laws passed at Offaly Convention 1993 That when fixtures are made, no fixture may be put back so that it would interfere with next round of championship. If date is not suitable to both teams fixtures should be brought forward if possible by mutual agreement. But under no circumstances should County Finals be delayed.
If this is not possible it should be brought to the attention of the fixture secretary and fixtures will determine date and time.
By-Laws passed at Offaly Convention 1994 That a draft of all fixtures for the year be drawn up and distributed to all clubs, who at this point may request changes. These changes to be facilitated in so far as possible by the Fixtures Secretary. The Fixtures Secretary to then draw up a final Fixtures List to be distributed to all club secretaries 14 days prior to the first fixture date.
That no deviation be allowed from the fixtures list except:
a) That a match be postponed due to the death of an immediate relative of a player/official of one of the clubs involved or due to a tragedy in the parish.
b) That a match be played before the specified date.
c) Where the pitch is deemed unplayable by the referee or the GAA Club involved. It will be reset.
Failure to comply with this directive to entail the loss of the game by the club which is unable to field on the required date.
By-Laws passed at Offaly Convention 2000 That the U14 Championship games be played 15 a-side and an U10 blitz. – Kinnitty
By-Laws passed at Offaly Convention 2001 Each club must send a delegate to all County Board meetings. Clubs failing to be represented by delegates at meetings shall be fined €30 for meeting missed. – Kinnitty
That the County Teams be allowed not more than five free days where necessary before Inter-County championship fixtures (as per central rule). – Drumcullen
Recommendations:That the County Board Executive set out with Management teams a training programme that facilitates players training with their Clubs. – Tullamore
County Board shall take responsibility for ensuring that County Teams receive a proper meal after away matches – Shinrone
By-Laws passed at Offaly Convention 2002 Appointed Offaly Referees should be paid the going rate per club in each game – Drumcullen

That at the beginning of each year a special County Board meeting be held to determine the structures of all Club Competitions and Gradings for same. – Tullamore


That the Junior and Senior Finals be played on the same day. – Kinnitty
That a Committee be set up to deal with Referees Reports and meet once a month while the Fixtures are in progress. – Kinnitty

That no Adult Championship Finals be played mid-weekShinrone

By-Laws passed at Offaly Convention 2003 All semi-finals to be played at neutral venues – St.Sinchills

That all referees should participate in a Referees Course before officiating at any games. – Drumcullen

By-Laws passed at Offaly Convention 2004 Offaly Camogie Board to set up a Referee’s committee.
Recommended that this committee shall consist of 4 knowledgeable Referees.Offaly Camogie Board to set up a Fixtures CommitteeForm a Disciplinary CommitteeThat the Sunday August Bank Holiday be free of all matches if possible.RecommendationNeutral referees for all matches
That clubs get extra Fixture Book even at a cost.
By-Laws passed at Offaly Convention 2005 That semi-finals be played in the Offaly Senior Championship – DrumcullenThe following penalties shall be imposed where walkovers are given in any offaly Championship Competition
Walkover in the league series of the same Championship- €50 fine imposed on offending team.
Two walkovers in the league series of the same Championship – a further fine of €50 and disqualification from that Championship – Drumcullen·        At least 24 hours notification to County Fixture Secretary if unable to fulfill fixture. If 24 hour notice is not given, team shall be disqualified from the competition and receive a €50 fine. – DrumcullenRule 19.14 shall be altered as follows: – St Sinchill’s
a) The Referee shall dismiss a player from the field of play in the following instances:
Where a player is adjudged by the Referee to have struck or attempted to strike an opponent, unless the Referee is satisfied that such was accidental.
Such player shall be dealt with by the Committee in Charge in accordance with Rule 16.2(b)
b) Where a player who having already been warned once by the Referee in connection with rough and/or dangerous play, and the Referee has indicated this by showing the player a yellow card , commits a second offence of this nature, and the Referee has indicated this by showing a second yellow card and has also indicated her dismissal by showing the player a Red Card.
c) Where a player who, having already been warned once by the Referee for dissent or abusive language, and the Referee has indicated this by showing the player a second Yellow card and has also indicated her dismissal by showing the player a Red Card. In instances (b) and (c) no further action shall be taken in relation to the player, and no further penalty imposed, unless Rule 16.3 is applicable.
In all instances, substitution of a dismissed player shall not be permitted. – St Sinchill’s
By-Laws passed at Offaly Convention 2006. • ‘That the County Teams be allowed not more than FIVE free days where necessary before Inter-County Championship Fixtures’.

That the following Terms of Reference for Fixtures Sub Committee be adopted:

Number of members – Three – two members elected by County Convention and one Executive member to act as Chairperson.

Terms of Reference:
The Fixtures sub-committee shall act in accordance with An Treorai Oifigiul and Offaly County by-laws.
Duties of Fixtures Sub-Committee
1. Oversee the competition draws for all grades
2. Fix match dates from U14 up in accordance with master plan agreed by County Board.
3. Appoint Referees.
4. Deal with requests on Fixtures.
5. Deal with inter-club disputes on fixtures
6. Make recommendations to the Executive Committee

Guidelines for Club Games
Changes to a fixture may take place on the following basis:
1. Both clubs are in agreement to an alternate date provided.
Details of the re fixed match and the reason for the change must be furnished to the Chairperson of the Fixtures Sub Committee as soon as change has been agreed.

2. In the case of DRAWN GAMES requiring a replay, and where a replay date has not previously been set, the Fixtures Sub Committee shall consult the two clubs secretary’s involved and then decide on a fixture date.
3. Notice of request for changes to FIXED SEMI-FINALS and FINALS should be made to County Secretary in writing or email for consideration by the Fixtures Sub Committee, such changes will only be considered in exceptional circumstances and with reasonable notice.

Changes to Facilitate Inter-County Fixtures
The Fixtures Sub Committee when making Club Fixtures, should take into account the Inter County Fixtures of the same grade, and endeavour to ensure that a minimum of five days for all grades (in accordance with County by-laws) is allowed preceding an Inter County Fixture.

At the beginning of each year a Special County Board Meeting be held to determine the Structures of all Club Competitions and Gradings for same.

When Competition structures and dates have been agreed a full year’s Fixture Booklet shall be issued to all Clubs. The fixtures dates contained therein shall be accepted as written notice of all fixtures, unless otherwise notified by the Fixtures Chairperson at least five days prior to a fixture.

That each Club pays the referee when handing in team sheets at games.

By-Laws passed at Offaly Convention 2007 Anyone in an executive position on Offaly Camogie Board shall not hold the position for more than 5 years

That Player of the Match awards be for all Finals for all grades or none.

That as far as possible the Offaly County Board or Fixtures Secretary should fix over 14 Championship Finals on Sundays.

By-Laws passed at Offaly Convention 2008 That referees for all camogie matches in Offaly may be from inside or outside the County – Drumcullen

That all county panels should be increased to 30 players – Kilcormac/K

That the current By Law be amended as follows: That where possible Offaly referees be appointed to referee senior and junior championship games including semi finals and finals Kinnitty

By-Laws passed at Offaly Convention 2009 Neutral venues for all semi finals and finals, unless both teams agree to toss for home venue – Drumcullen

That a record be kept of all arrangements made with Team managements in relation to their appointment and which is available from one committee to another – Tullamore

Offaly By Law passed at Offaly Convention Dec 2015 and Ratified at Ard Chomahirle meeting of 16th March 2016 Tullamore: That Rule 7 of the Offaly Camogie Competition rules be replaced with: “In the event of two or more teams being equal on points after the league series of a competition, the score difference of the preceding games between the teams concerned only, shall be taken into account to determine places in the knockout stage of the competition.  If teams are still tied at this stage, the victorious team in the first game between the sides concerned shall proceed to knockout stage of the competition and where two or more teams draw in the first game that a play-off game be played, with the victorious team progressing to the knockout stage of the competition.”