The top 4 into semi-finals, bottom 2 playoff for last place.

The bottom 2 senior teams, after the group phase, play a play-off for last place. The last placed senior team plays a play-off match against the Junior winners, the winner of which is senior in 2020 and the loser will be junior in 2020. This is subject to the same championship format being repeated in 2020.

The first team named has home venue.

Team Played Won Draw Loss Points
St.Rynaghs 5 5 0 0 15
Shinrone 5 3 1 1 12
Birr 5 2 1 2 7
St. Cillians 5 3 0 2 9
Lus-Drum 5 1 0 4 3
Tullamore 5 0 0 5 0

Score difference rule as per Offaly byelaw OYBL032 (explanation here:): “In the event of two or more teams being equal on points after the league series of a competition, the score difference of the preceding games between the teams concerned only, shall be taken into account to determine places in the knockout stage of the competition.  If teams are still tied at this stage, the victorious team in the first game between the sides concerned shall proceed to knockout stage of the competition and where two or more teams draw in the first game that a play-off game be played, with the victorious team progressing to the knockout stage of the competition.”

Tues 9th July, R1
Lusmagh-Drumcullen 1-11 v Birr 1-12
St. Cillian’s 3-8 v Shinrone 4-22
St. Rynagh’s 2-19 v Tullamore 0-8

Sun 28th July, R2
St. Cillian’s 2-10 v Birr 2-8
St. Rynagh’s 3-12 Lusmagh-Drumcullen 2-12
Shinrone 3-17 v Tullamore 3-14

Tues 6th Aug, R3
St. Rynagh’s 2-15 v Shinrone 0-11
Lusmagh Drumcullen 1-9 v St. Cillian’s 4-13
Birr 2-15 v Tullamore 1-7

Sun 18th Aug, R4
Birr 3-8 v Shinrone 2-11
Tullamore 2-8 v Lusmagh-Drumcullen 3-15
St. Cillian’s 1-9 v St. Rynagh’s 2-14

Sun 25th Aug, R5
Tullamore v St. Cillian’s
Shinrone 4-28 v Lusmagh-Drumcullen 0-3
Birr 0-9 v St. Rynagh’s 2-9

Sat 14th Sept, Semi Finals.
St.Rynaghs v Birr

Shinrone V St.Cillians

Sun 15th Sept, Playoff for 6th position between bottom 2 teams. Double header with Junior A final.

St.Sinchills v Kilcormac/Killoughey

(Double header with 6th place play-off in Senior)

Tullamore v Lusmagh/Drumcullen

Sun 22nd Sept,
Relegation/Promotion playoff between Junior A winner and 6th placed Senior

Sat 28th Sept Final (Double header with Junior B Final)

Sun 29th Sept: Leinster Club Junior Championship
Offaly Winner v Carlow Winner

Sat 19th Oct: Leinster Club Intermediate Championship
Offaly Winner v Kilkenny B