The new format for 2020 is to play 4 quarters of 12mins each. At the end of the 1st 2nd and 3rd quarters, each team must bring on all of their subs, up to the number of players on the field, and those subs must stay on until the end of that quarter at least. You cannot make a substitution during a quarter unless a player is injured. This is guaranteeing that every player gets to play half the match. 

If you have more subs than match players, any player who did not play in either of the 1st two quarters must play the remaining 2 quarters.

Games to be played on the date or by the Saturday of the week it is fixed.
See the modified U12 Rules under the

Note: As Edenderry is a new club, please play ground hurling only in those games


U12 Round 1: 20th July
Kinnitty 11 pts v Kilcormac Killoughey 12 pts
Lusmagh Drum 3.3(10) pts v St. Cillian’s 3.7 (19)
Tullamore Blue v St. Sinchill’s (draw)

U12 Round 2: 3rd Aug or 24th Aug
Lusmagh Drum 3.4(15) v Tullamore Blue 2.6(16)
St. Cillian’s 2.8(22) v Kilcormac Killoughey 1.1(4)
St. Sinchill’s 1.3(6) v Kinnitty 4.2(10)

U12 Round 3: 31st Aug
Kil Killoughey v Tullamore Blue
St. Cillian’s 5.14(47) v Kinnitty 2.1(3)
Lusmagh-Drum 3.2 (9) v St. Sinchill’s 2.1.1(6)

U12 Round 4: 7th Sept
Kil Killoughey 7pts v Lusm-Drum 15pts
Tullamore Blue 20pts v Kinnitty 24pts
St. Sinchill’s 3.0.0(3) v St. Cillian’s 5.5.1(21)

U12 Round 5: 14th Sept
Tullamore Blue 1.3.1(11) v St. Cillian’s 2.4.0 (14)
Kinnitty 19pts v Lusmagh-Drumcullen 17pts
St. Sinchill’s 7-6-2 (27) v Kilcormac Killoughey 2-7-0 (23)


U12 Round 1: 20th July
Shinrone 3.6 v Birr 3.1
Naomh Brid 16 pts v St. Rynagh’s 11 pts
Tullamore White v Edenderry

U12 Round 2: 3rd Aug or 24th Aug
Naomh Brid v Tullamore White(pulled out)
St. Rynagh’s 0.1 v Birr 2.2
Edenderry v Shinrone

U12 Round 3: 31st Aug
Birr 4.4 v Naomh Brid 3.1
Tullamore White (pulled out) v Shinrone
Edenderry v St. Rynagh’s

U12 Round 4: 7th Sept
Tullamore White(pulled out) v St. Rynagh’s
Shinrone 8.15 v Naomh Brid 3.1
Edenderry v Birr

U12 Round 5: 14th Sept
Birr v Tullamore White(pulled out)
St. Rynagh’s v Shinrone won
Naomh Brid  v Edenderry

St. Cillians550015
Kinnitty 53029
Lus Drum 52036
Tullamore 41125
N Brid31023
St. Rynaghs30020

FINALS: 21st September

Every team plays a final:
A1: St. Cillians 2.13 v Kinnitty 4.1
A2: Lusmagh Drumcullen 23pts v St. Sinchill’s 11pts
A3: Kilcormac Killoughey 25pts v Tullamore 18pts
B1 : Shinrone winner v Birr;
B2: Naomh Brid 19pts v St Rynaghs 6pts

The Offaly U12 rules are modified Go Games to suit our developmental needs and agreed by our club coaches in 2018. Scoring awards have been tweeked for 2020 as well as the new quarter system, which ensures meaningful game time for all.

· Max team is 13-a-side.
· 3 Points for a win, 2pts for a draw.
· Score difference does not count
· Scoring:
· Goal = 1pt.
· Over the bar from a free = 1 pt.
· Over the bar from play = 3pts
If using slalom poles as posts, then every score = 1 point.
· –Referee needs to be informed of this.
· A hand pass over the bar is not allowed.
· Goal Posts must be 15ft or 4.5m wide.  Smaller portable goals are too small for u12 and all games should have uniform goals.
· The county board reserves the right to appoint a newly qualified referee for U12 league games as part of referee development.
· U12: Pitch Dimensions: (100m x 50m) 20m line to 20m line and 50m wide.
U12 sliotar: Match ball size 4. Full Rules.
. 45s are taken from the 45, which is 25m from goal.
. frees are to be taken properly, the referee can allow a 2nd chance.
· Puck out from hand or ground.
Referee U12s: Home Club to provide a qualified referee for all league games. Note:  Both clubs must pay half the referee fee each.