Go Games U12 mini league. Mixed Ability Groups

St. Cillians11003
Lusmagh Drumcullen10010
St. Sinchill’s10010
St. Rynagh’s10010

Kilcormac Killoughey10010
Naomh Brid10010

Round 1 Week of Tuesday 15th June
Group 1: Group 2:
Lusmagh Drumcullen 0.0 v St. Cillian’s 4.9;
St. Sinchill’s 1.3(10) v Belmont 11.0(11)
Birr 11.2v St. Rynagh’s 0.1
Tullamore 1.5 (14) v Kilcormac Killoughey 5.0(5);
Kinnitty 5.6 v Edenderry 1.1;
Shinrone 5.4(17) v Naomh Brid 1.5(16)
Round 2 Week of Tuesday 29th June
Belmont v Birr;
Lusmagh Drumcullen v St. Sinchill’s;
St. Cillian’s v St. Rynagh’s
Edenderry v Shinrone;
Tullamore v Kinnitty;
Kilcormac Killoughey v Naomh Brid
Round 3 Week of Tuesday 13th July
St. Sinchill’s v Birr;
Belmont v St. Cillian’s;
Lusmagh Drumcullen v St. Rynagh’s
Kinnitty v Shinrone;
Edenderry v Kilcormac Killoughey;
Tullamore v Naomh Brid
Round 4 Week of Tuesday 29th July
Birr v St. Cillian’s;
St. Rynagh’s v St. Sinchill’s;
Belmont v Lusmagh Drumcullen
Shinrone v Kilcormac Killoughey;
Naomh Brid v Kinnitty;
Edenderry v Tullamore
Round 5 Week of Tuesday 10th August
St. Rynagh’s v Belmont;
St. Cillian’s v St. Sinchill’s;
Birr v Lusmagh Drumcullen
Naomh Brid v Edenderry;
Kilcormac Killoughey v Kinnitty;
Naomh v Brid v Tullamore
Round 6 U12 FINALS Week of 24th August

U12 Rules
The Offaly U12 rules are localized in line with the provision in National Go Games Policy and as approved by the Offaly Development committee and ratified by the county board.

Under 12 Format and Rules:
The new format for 2021 is to play 4 quarters. Each quarter is 13 minutes long and all quarters are competitive. Every U12 player (player turning 11 or 12 in 2021) should play a minimum of half the match. Any u10 player on your U12 panel should play a minimum of 1 quarter. It is strongly recommended that you should not start a match with a U10 player if a U12 player is on the sideline. Common sense should prevail.
The result of the league match must be sent to the WhatsApp results group by your club secretary or club PRO.

 This is 13-a-side by default. If one team has fewer than 13 players, then both teams must field with the same number of players. You can agree to play with
fewer numbers than 13-a-side, but both sides must agree. Where no agreement is reached, the default is 13-a-side
 3 Points for a win, 2pts for a draw.
 Score difference does not count
 Scoring:
 Over the bar from play from a strike = 3pt
 All other scores (including frees and a handpass over the bar) = 1 pts.
 Handpass goal is not allowed anymore.
 –Referee needs to be informed of this. If using slalom poles, then every score = 1 point.
 Goal Posts must be 15ft or 4.5m wide. Smaller portable goals are too small for u12, and all games should have uniform goals.
 The county board reserves the right to appoint a newly qualified referee for U12 league games as part of referee development.
 U12: Pitch Dimensions: (100m x 60m) 20m line to 20m line and 60m wide.
 U12 sliotar: Match ball size 4. Full Rules.
 Puck out from hand or ground.
 Defensive Free: A player fouled in their own half of the field can take a quick free from her hand. This is an indirect free, meaning she cannot score from it.
Referee U12s: Home Club to provide a qualified referee for all league games. Note: Both clubs must pay half the referee fee each
On a side note: We have all endured a tough period over the past 2 years. Children have been in lockdown for long periods. We know that lots of families will
be taking the opportunity to go away for weekends and holidays. From a fixture’s perspective, you simply must get on with it if players are away.