U14 Championship

2 mixed ability groups are the preferred format. Top 2 in each group play A semi finals with runners up playing shield final. Second 2 teams play B semi-finals with runners up playing shield final. Bottom team in each group play C final. This keeps all teams playing to the end of the competition.

2nd June Semi Finals
A SF: G1 1st v G2 2nd / G1 2nd v G2 1st
B SF: G1 3rd v G2 4th / G2 3rd v G1 4th

15th June Finals
A Cup & Shield, B Cup & Shield,
C final (G1 5th v G2 5th)


23rd March, R1
Kinnitty 1.0 v St. Sinchill’s 10.5
Kil Kiloughey v Shinrone

6th April, R2
St. Sinchill’s 2.2 v Kil Kiloughey 6.6
Lus-Drum v Kinnitty

20th April R3
Lus Drum v Shinrone
Kinnitty v Kil Kiloughey

4th May R4
Kil Kiloughey v Lus Drum
Shinrone v St. Sinchill’s

19th May R5
Shinrone v Kinnitty
St. Sinchill’s v Lus-Drum



23rd March, R1
Tullamore v St. Cillian’s
Birr 9.7 v Naomh Brid 0.0

6th April, R2
Birr 8.3 v St. Rynagh’s 9.5
St. Cillian’s 10.3 v Naomh Brid 1.2

20th April R3
St. Cillian’s v Birr
St. Rynagh’s v Tullamore

4th May R4
Naomh Brid v Tullamore
St. Cillian’s v St. Rynagh’s

19th May R5
St. Rynagh’s v Naomh Brid
Tullamore v Birr

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