Offaly u8-13 competition rules are available to download on the homepage of the Offalycamogie website.

Offaly Under 10 Blitzes 2018
Round On or before Host team Visiting teams
Round 1 31/03/2018 Kil/Kiloughey Tullamore St. Rynagh’s
Kinnitty St. Sinchill’s Shinrone St. Cillian’s
Birr Drumcullen Naomh Brid Lusmagh
Round 2 14/04/2018 Tullamore St. Sinchill’s Drumcullen
St. Cillian’s KK Kinnitty Birr
St. Rynagh’s Lusmagh Shinrone Naomh Brid
Round 3 28/04/2018 St Sinchill’s Kinnitty KK
Drumcullen Tullamore Birr Lusmagh
Shinrone Naomh Brid St. Cillian’s St. Rynagh’s
Round 4 12/05/2018 Lusmagh St. Cillian’s St. Rynagh’s Drumcullen
Naomh Brid Birr Kinnitty Shinrone
Kil/Kiloughey Tullamore St Sinchill’s
Round 5 26/05/2018 Drumcullen KK Kinnitty Naomh Brid
Birr St Sinchill’s Lusmagh St. Rynagh’s
Tullamore Shinrone St. Cillian’s
Round 6 09/06/2018 St. Cillian’s Kil/Kiloughey Birr Lusmagh
St. Rynagh’s Tullamore Shinrone Naomh Brid
St Sinchill’s Drumcullen Kinnitty
All County 23/06/2018 Kinnitty St. Rynagh’s Kil/Kiloughey Drumcullen
Lusmagh Birr Tullamore Naomh Brid
St. Sinchill’s St. Cillian’s Shinrone