Odd Ages
Traditionally the age groups have been U8,U10, U12, U14, U16 and U18.
Offaly Camogie development group, in consultation with clubs, introduced a U13 league in September 2016. The idea was put forward due to concerns over the jump from small sided u12 games to 15-a-side U14 championship. U13 was introduced as a stepping stone to get girls ready for 15 a side.
The competition proved very popular and in further consultation with clubs it was decided to introduce U11, U15 and U17 development games in 2017. This helped to meet Leinster Camogie’s recommendation that all players should get at least 12 games per season, without playing the same teams over and over again at the same age group.
For 2018 it was decided to expand this to U9. The benefit for younger children to have an opportunity to play at the top of their age group every year is immense. 9 years olds struggling at U10 start to flourish when U9 starts, and so on.  As a player development tool, odd ages have been a major confidence boost for many children.