zDCU17 LEAGUE 2018

17 Competition Rules:

The competition will follow national rules with the following competition rule amendments:

  1. 3 points for a win. 2 Points for a draw. 1 Point for playing but losing, (a reward for fulfilling the fixture).
  2. Where teams finish on equal points on the table, they will be separated according to the following set of criteria: Head to Head result, score difference from the matches between those teams only, coin toss.
  3. These are 15-a-side competitions by default, but if one club doesn’t have 15 players to start with, the game can start with between 15 and 12 players per team. Full Pitch should be used. A team cannot opt to play 12-a-side if both teams have more than 12 players present. The game can be 13 or 14 a side also.
  4. Substitutions: As per rule 5 of the national Playing Rules, a substitution may only be made during a stoppage in play and on notifying, in writing, to the Referee. For U13, U15 and U17 competitions there is no limit to the number of substitutions.
  5. Eligible county U14 players can play U13 and u15 club competition. However, county U14 panel members are not permitted to play 2 club games in the same week.
  6. County U16 panel members are excluded from both U15 and U17 competitions.
  7. Player age eligibility 2018:
    • U13 – Players born: 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008
    • U15 – Players born: 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006
    • U17 – Players born: 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004
  8. As part of a new safeguarding and coach qualification policy, all players and mentors present on the day must be listed on the new Offaly CC2 form attached. No mentor/official can be on the side-line who is not listed.
  9. If a team gives a walkover, they will be deducted 3 points and fined in accordance with Offaly by-laws. The team receiving the walkover will be awarded the match.
  10. If a team wishes to concede a match before or during the match, the opposition’s management must accept it before the referee is informed.
  11. U13 is two periods of 25 minutes. U15 &U17 is two periods of 30 minutes
  12. Semi Finals and finals must go to extra time in the event of a draw. Two periods of 10 mins will apply.


  • Sundays are dedicated training days for county squads.
  • Team in Bold print is the host club. If host’s pitch is not available then hosting transfers to the opposing team. This is in an effort to fullfill fixtures. Games to be played the week of the fixtures date.
  • Submit result to the co board via your club secretary or PRO
  • Please be aware of Rule 6 of AN TREOIR OIFIGIÚIL – Part 2 – Official Playing Rules 2018-2021: Playing Gear.
  • Host Clubs to appoint the referee. Each club must pay half of the fee.
  • The fixtures committee will appoint referees for semi finals and finals.
Group A P W D L PTS SD
Tullamore 2 1 0 1 4
St. Rynagh’s 2 0 0 2 1
Kinnitty 3 1 0 2 5
Kilcormac Killoughey 3 3 0 0 9
Group B P W D L PTS SD
Naomh Brid 3 1 0 2 5
St. Cillian’s 3 2 0 1 7
Lus/Drum 3 0 0 3 3
Shinrone 3 3 0 0 9
Group A
Home Team Score Away Team Score
R1 Kinnitty 0.2 V Tullamore 7.12
04/07/2018 St. Rynagh’s 1.5 V K/K 3.6
R2 Kil / Kil 3.11 V Kinnitty 2.4
11/07/2018 Tullamore V St. Rynagh’s
Kinnitty given wo V St. Rynagh’s
18/07/2018 Tullamore 5.3 V K/K 5.13
Group B
Home Team Score Away Team Score
R1 Shinrone 6.10 V N Brid 2.8
04/07/2018 St. Cillian’s 7.7 V Lus/Drum 1.2
R2 Lus/Drum V Shinrone
11/07/2018 N. Brid 4.10 V St. Cillian’s 5.11
R3 Shinrone 3.11 V St. Cillian’s 4.2
18/07/2018 N. Brid V Lus/Drum
Finals Group A Score Group B Score
 Final 1 Shinrone 2.7 v Kilcormac Killoughey 1.1
 Final 2 Kinnitty 3.3 v St. Cillian’s 6.13
 Final 3 Naomh Brid won v Tullamore
 Final 4 Lus Drum 1.7 V St. Rynagh’s 2.6