Offaly u8-13 competition rules are available to download on the homepage of the Offalycamogie website.

U9 & U 10 Rules:
2 to 3 games each. 10 to 15 min per half, or up to a max of 1hr playing time. Recommended pitch length: 65m to 75m; Width between 20m and 65m for con-venience, or narrower as appropriate. It is better to teach girls to use and run into space on a 75m pitch than have them learn the bad habit of standing still and waiting for the ball on a small pitch. Host club welcome to invite out of county club to even up numbers. Zones: Offaly Development Group recommends no zones at u10. But instead to actively coach your players to play in their positions.
7-a-side, max is 11 aside. Any more that 11 means players don’t get touches in and defeats the purpose of small sided games. Sliotar: Smart touch size 4. Puck out from hand or ground. Keeper to be allowed space and second chances at puck out. If a second goal is scored direct from a puck out, referee should throw ball down the field. Full Rules, let them play! Encouragement of all skills usage. Full solo. Ball may be kicked once but not in succession. Ground hurling to be coached and encouraged when appropriate during play. Decision making is an important skill, players need to learn when is right to pull or lift.  Frees/45s: Strike from the hand or lift and strike.  Fouled player takes free. Nearest to fouled ball takes free/side-line cut. Rotate players. Shake/high-5 hands afterwards.

U10 Fixtures:
U10 Round 1: On or Before 23rd March
Blitz 1: Kil-Killoughey / Tullamore / St. Rynagh’s
Blitz 2: Kinnitty / Shinrone / St. Sinchill’s / St. Cillian’s
Blitz 3: Birr / Drumcullen / Naomh Brid / Lusmagh
U10 Round 2: On or Before 6th April
Blitz 1: Tullamore / St. Sinchill’s / Drumcullen
Blitz 2: St. Cillian’s / Kil-Killoughey / Kinnitty / Birr
Blitz 3: St. Rynagh’s /Shinrone / Naomh Brid / Lusmagh
U10 Round 3: On or Before 20th April
Blitz 1: St. Sinchill’s / Kil-Killoughey / Kinnitty
Blitz 2: Drumcullen / Tullamore / Birr / Lusmagh
Blitz 3: Shinrone / Naomh Brid / St. Cillian’s / St. Rynagh’s
U10 Round 4: On or Before 5th May
Blitz 1: Lusmagh / St. Cillian’s / St. Rynagh’s / Drumcullen
Blitz 2: Naomh Brid / Kinnitty / Birr / Shinrone
Blitz 3: Kil-Killoughey / Tullamore / St. Sinchill’s
U10 Round 5: On or Before 19th May
Blitz 1: Drumcullen / Kil-Killoughey / Kinnitty / Naomh Brid
Blitz 2: Birr / St. Sinchill’s / Lusmagh / St. Rynagh’s
Blitz 3: St. Cillian’s/ Shinrone / St. Cillian’s / Tullamore
U10 Round 6: 9th June
All County Blitz 1: Tullamore / All CLubs
U10 Round 7: 15th June
All County Blitz 2: Kinnitty / All Clubs