First team named is the host club. If hosts pitch is not available then hosting privilage transfers to the opposing team rather than postponing.

1 Point for fullfilling fixture. 2 points for a draw. 3 points for a win. This year there are 3 finals, so no team should concede a match.

In the event of a dominating team: The conceeding coach must inform the opposition coaches and the referee at or after half time.

Dominant team encouraged to rotate team in the interest for fair play. Score difference will not apply. No limit to no of subs  used.

If a play-off is necessary it must be held mid-week so semi finals can go ahead as planned.

15-a-side competition. Full Pitch – shorten / narrow if teams agree to do so.

Full camogie rules, except for substitutions: Roll-on, roll-off substitutions with no limit.

Try to hold games on Saturdays where possible. No game to be played 5th August (vintage Saturday).

Use Official ref. Host team to inform ref of roll-on roll off substitutions.

Note: U14 county training is on Sunday mornings. U14 All-Ireland blitz is on sat 9th Sept.


Team Played Won Lost Pts
Group One
St.Cillians 2 0 2 2
Shinrone 4 2 2 9
Naomh Brid 3 0 3 3
St.Rynagh’s 4 2 2 8
Birr 2  2  6
Group Two
KK 3 3 0 9
Kinnitty 3 0 3 3
Tullamore 3 2  1 7
St.sinchill’s 4 3  1 10
Lusmagh/Drumcullen  3 0  3 3
Weekend Group 1 Group 2
21st to 22nd July


St Cillian’s 1-4 v Shinrone 4-4

Naomh Bríd 3-3 v St Rynagh’s 4-3

Birr – Bye

Kilcormac/Killoughey 3-3 v KinniTTy 1-1

Tullamore 2-2 v St Sinchill’s 7-2

Lusmagh / Drumcullen – Bye

4th to 5th August Shinrone v Naomh Bríd

St Rynagh’s v Birr

St Cillian’s – Bye

KinniTTy 2-0 v Tullamore 5-5

St Sinchill’s 7-9 v Lusmagh / Drumcullen 3-1

Kilcormac/Killoughey – Bye

18th to 19th August


Birr 14-7 v Naomh Bríd 2-4

St Cillian’s 3-2 v St Rynagh’s 3-3

Shinrone – Bye

Lusmagh / Drumcullen 2-2 v Tullamore 4-2

Kilcormac/Killoughey 7-1 v St Sinchill’s 1-2

KinniTTy – Bye

1st Aug to 2nd Sept


St Rynagh’s v Shinrone

Birr v St Cillian’s

Naomh Bríd – Bye

St Sinchill’s 8-9 v KinniTTy 3-0

Lusmagh/Drumcullen 0-0 v Kilcormac/Killoughey 8-3

Tullamore – Bye

15th to 16th Sept


Naomh Bríd v St Cillian’s

Shinrone v Birr

St Rynagh’s – Bye

Tullamore v Kilcormac/Killoughey

KinniTTy v Lusmagh/Drumcullen

St Sinchill’s – Bye

22nd to 23rd Sept U13 A Semi Finals U13 B Semi Finals
S1: 1st Group 1 v 2nd Group 2

S2: 1st Group 2 v 2nd Group 1

S3: 3rd Group 1 v 4th Group 2

S4: 3rd Group 2 v 4th Group 1

Saturday 30th



County U13 A, B & C Championship Finals

(Neutral Venue for Finals)

A Final Winner S1 v Winner S2

B Final Winner S3 v Winner S4

C Final Runner Up Group 1 v Runner Up Group 2