U14 Féile 9th/10th March

Team and Mentor Sheet must be submitted to the Co Board by the 4th of March to enter féile.

Find the New Offaly CC2 Team and Mentor Sheet at the end of the page.
A Winner qualifies for Div 2 of National Feile in Cork on the 7th 8th & 9th of June
A Runners up qualifies for Group 2 of the Regional Feile on the 8th of June
B Winner qualifies for  Div 4 of National Feile in Cork on the 7th 8th & 9th of June
If you qualify and cannot attend, please let us know asap, so another club has time to organise themselves.
Group games, Sat 9th March at the Faithful Fields.
IMPORTANT: Times must be strictly adhered to because we have to be out of the facility by a set time.

Match finishing times are set in stone. If  the match starts late because a team is not ready, it will still finish at the set time.
If any team is more than 5 minutes late, they forfeit the match.  In which case, national rules apply for forfeiting a game, you cannot progress to knockout stages.
The crucial thing is making sure players get there on time at the start and are ready to go. Come togged out.
Gates open at 9am. Start times: R1: 9.25 / R2: 10.10 / R3: 10.55 / R4: 11.40 / R5:12.25. Games will finish at their scheduled time if they start late.

Finals venue TBC, on sunday the 10th.
If we get a 2 pitch venue we can hold semi finals.
Semi Final 1: 1st place group 1 v 2nd place group 2
Semi Final 2: 1st place group 2 v 2nd place group 1
A Final: Winner SF 1 v Winner SF 2
B Final: Runner up SF 1 v Runner up SF 2

If it’s a 1 pitch venue, it will be straight finals .
A final: Winner of Group 1 v Winner Group 2 . B Final, 2nd place group 1 v 2nd place group 2

feile groups

Offaly Camogie Féile Rules 2019
(1) Féile is for 15-a-side teams, comprising players who are over 10 and under 14 years of age on 1st January in the year of Feile. A game can start with no fewer than 12 on a team. That team can bring on more players during the course of the game provided they are named on the team sheet. The other team can play 15 players against a lower number on the other team.
(2) A panel shall be confined to a maximum of 24 players.
(3) The new Offaly CC2 team and mentor sheet, must be submitted to the county board 5 days in advance, listing all players and mentors. All mentors must be registered members and must enter their vetting and safeguarding 1 numbers on the CC2 form. Both are a legal requirement and failure to provide same will result in removal of the mentor, reporting of the breech to the Camogie Association, possible disqualification of the team, fining of the club and suspension of the club until an audit is passed. All coaches must have at least a foundation in hurling or camogie completed. The coach to player ratio is 1:8. Players must wear the numbers, as per CC2 from submitted to the county board.
(4) Another two signed copies of the CC2 form must be given to the Offaly Camogie Feile Official at the pitch before your first game. Any alteration to the original registration must be highlighted to the Offaly Camogie Féile official prior to the first game of the weekend.
(5) A player may be required by a Féile Official to give her signature and date of birth at any time during the Féile.
(6) Games will be played on a full-size pitch.
(7) All Group games will be played on a 15-a-side basis over 15 minutes per half. An interval of 5 minutes will be allowed. If you start late, you forfeit the time wasted. Finish times will be adhered to. If a team is late by over 5 minutes, they forfeit the game.
(8) Three substitutions must be made before or at half time. If you have fewer than 18 players, then all subs must be on before or at half time. Any subs brought on, must remain on for the remainder of the game. There is no limit to the number of subs allowed, but only during a stoppage in play and with the permission of the referee. Substitution slips containing the name and number of the players going on and off are to be give to the Offaly Camogie Feile Official at you pitch.
(9) Each member of your panel must get a minimum of 30 mins game time during group stages. Failure to comply will result in disqualification.
(10) Camogie matches governed by the full rules of the association. The initial stages of the competition will be played on a league basis. In league competition, two points will be awarded for a win and one for a draw. The top team in each section will qualify for finals or semi finals, where relevant. Should two teams finish level on points, the winner of the original game between those two teams will progress. If that game ended in a draw, or if more than two teams ended level on points, qualification for finals or semi finals,  where relevant, will be decided by play-off as follows:

Two teams level:
A sudden death play-off game of ten minutes (2 x 5 mins) will be played. The team to register the first score to be deemed the winner and the game is over.
The Three teams level:
An open draw will select A v B. The loser plays C. Followed by a knock-out final between the 2 winners. Each game will be ten minutes (2 x 5 mins) duration. In each case, the team to register the first score to be deemed the winner. And the game is over.
Four teams level:
A knock out play-off will be played. Two semi final games will be played of ten minutes (2 x 5mins) duration, the pairings to be decided by an open draw. The knock out “final” of ten minutes (2 x 5 mins) duration will then be played. In each case, the team to register the first score to be deemed the winner.
In the event of a draw at semi-final or final, where relevant, of the competition, ten minutes extra time (2 x 5 mins) will be played in full.  If a draw still results then an additional period of extra time will be played, the team to register the first score to be deemed the winner.
(11) All teams shall wear the official club colours. If there is a clash of colours, there will be a toss of a coin to decide who changes. Clubs should bring bibs where a clash exists. Players not wearing a skort will be warned by the referee and if she persists in non-compliance she will be ordered off the field as per national rules.
(12) Team mentors are not allowed to encroach on to the field of play without the permission of the referee.
(13) The spectator designated area is 3m from the sideline or behind railings if present. Spectators are not permitted on the endline.

Féile Entry Form – Team & Mentor Registration

CC2 Team and Mentor List.pdf_page_1