16 B All-Ireland Championship

Semi Finals –

Winner of each group goes straight to All-Ireland Semi-Finals.

2nd place grp 2 v 2nd place Group 3 play a preliminary round. Winner of preliminary round plays 2nd place in group 1, this determines the 4th Semi-finalist

Group 1

OffalyKilkenny, Derry, Meath, Antrim

Group 2

Cork, Dublin, Westmeath, Laois

Group 3

Clare, Galway, Kildare, Down



Sun 25/06/2017

Antrim v Kilkenny

Offaly v Meath


Sun 02/07/2017

Dublin v Cork

Kildare v Galway

Offaly v Antrim

Westmeath v Laois

Clare v Down HWV

Kilkenny v Derry


Sun 09/07/2017

Down v Galway

Clare v Kildare

Cork v  Westmeath

Kilkenny v Offaly

Laois v Dublin

Derry v Meath


Sun 16/07/2017

Laois v Cork

Kildare v Down

Derry v Offaly

Galway v Clare

Meath v Antrim

Westmeath v Dublin


Sun 30/07/2017

Meath v Kilkenny

Antrim v Derry


Preliminary Round

R-up group 2 v R-up group 2


Sun 06/08/2017

Preliminary round winner v Group 1 R-up


Sun 13/08/2017



Sun 26/08/2017